Nevareth District Wars

When will this start?

PH Matches will begin on February 7 to 18, 2022

PH Matches will begin on February 7 to 18, 2022

What’s the format?

This is a regional tournament to determine the final seeds for the Nevareth League Championship. It is divided into two regions (PH & VN) and each region will have a round-robin tournament format where competing teams will win points via 3 types of PvP matches (1v1, 3man Tag Team, and 5v5). The team with the highest point from each region get the slot for the Nevareth League Championship

Where will this tournament take place?

All matches for this Tournament Seed of the Nevareth League will be online.

What’s at stake?

A $2,000 USD (100,000 PHP) prize pool is up for grabs. Plus in-game items will be added in the succeeding days.

How to join this tournament?

Sign up for the tournament at the registration link located HERE. They should be part of any of the Official Nevareth Districts. The slot is first come first serve basis, all requirements should be submitted.