Get the fun you deserve at the Cabal M 11.11 Festival. Let the blessings and jewels rain from November 12 to 13, 2022 in this limited offer for the heroes of Cabal M. Read on to join the festivities.

Cabal Mobile 11.11 Festival Banner 2022

Promo Mechanics:

  1. From November 12 to 13, 2022 ONLY, get your Forcegems from PlayMall or G2VN Channels. Then, spend it in-game.
  2. Be rewarded with in-game benefits matching the tier of your purchased Force Gems. See below the list.
  3. Only TOP UP and SPEND transactions using the participating channels will get reward/s.
  4. Rewards will automatically be given to your UID within 14 days after the promo period if you meet the minimum total amount from the list provided below.


  • 500 PHP | 250.000 VND
    • x1 Jewel Cube of Sapphire (Gold) [7 Days] (Account Bind)
    • x1 Jewel Cube of Ruby (Gold) [7 Days] (Account Bind)
    • x1 Proof of Nevareth of Fighter [7 Days] (Account Bind)
  • 1,000 PHP | 500.000 VND
    • x1 Blessing Bead – Plus [30D] (Account Bind)
    • x10 Extreme Core Pocket (Premium) (Account Bind)
    • x20 Potion of Veradrix (Account Bind)
    • Tier 500 Item Rewards
  • 5,000 PHP | 2.500.000 VND
    • x5 Chaos Safeguard – Epaulet (Account Bind)
    • x5 Chaos Safeguard – Ring (Account Bind)
    • x1 Divine Seal Stone (Tradable)
    • Tier 1,000 Item Rewards
  • 10,000 PHP | 5.000.000 VND
    • x1 Giftbox – Welcome to Nightmare (Tradable)
    • x1 Giftbox – [Costume] Devil Horn (Tradable)
    • x1 Chaos Seal Stone – Epaulet (Tradable)
    • x1 Chaos Seal Stone – Ring (Tradable)
    • Tier 5,000 Item Rewards


  1. Total Forcegems purchase will be calculated per UID account NOT per PlayMall/G2VN Channels.
  2. This Promo is applicable to Philippines and Vietnam accounts only.
  3. Awarding of in-game item rewards will be inserted within 14 working days after the promo period.

Disclaimer: PlayPark reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, or terminate said mechanics at any given time deemed appropriate.


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