Skill up with Skill Book Packages

Enhance your Battle Mode to take on any foe. The Item Shop now features Battle 3 Skill Book Packages for both sword and magic types. Each package contains Skill Books (Stage 2 and Stage 3) specially designed for each character class to amplify their competitive edge. The Packages also include Fury Potions for maximum damage. Available only from September 9 to September 23, 2021.

Cabal M Item Mall Update 01 Battle 3 Skill Books Packs

If you’re not up for the whole package, Individual Battle 3 Skills Books are also available in the Item Shop under the Character Skill Book section.

Cabal M Item Mall Update 01 Battle 3 Skill Books

Dress up your look with Epic and Capsule Seal Stones new in the Item Shop. For Costume, Vehicle and Force Wing, complete the set and cruise Nevareth in the hottest style.

Cabal M Item Mall Update 01 Seal Stones

Make the most of your budget through the Daily Force Gem packs. Receive drops of Force Gem daily for 30 days from each pack including bonus gems every single day.


Cabal M Item Mall Update 01 Daily Force Gem

Get the full details from the Patch Notes – 9.09.2021 HERE.


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