These are the events to watch out for this Aug 2022 in the Nevareth World


  1. Have the players enjoy the different in-game features of Cabal M with the presence of the Community Manager in the game
  2. Connect with the players weekly in each server to generate future events for the community


  • GM Dungeon Run

Join and enjoy with Azure & the CBM GM Team in a Dungeon run during the Livestream

  • Dungeon Run

    Run with the Queens and GM team in a Dungeon run every Monday and Friday at 5:00 PM (GMT +8).

    Event Mechanics
      • During the Queens Livestream, the Queen will reveal which server they will run the Tower of the Dead B3F dungeon on.
      • Cabalistas must arrive at the dungeon’s entrance prior to the event’s start time.
      • Cabalistas must be level 155 or higher to participate in this event.
      • For the party invitation, GMs will announce the “GO PARTY ME” signal.
      • Participants must utilize their Dungeon admission on a first-come, first-served basis.
      • Players that do not meet the dungeon requirement will be removed from the dungeon run.
      • The team that finishes in the quickest time will receive an additional prize.
      • A player may only participate in one party at a time.


    • The dungeon run will continue despite any player or GM disconnections.
    • There will be no reruns of the dungeon.
    • CabalM: Heroes of Nevareth Game policy is in effect. 
    Livestream Schedule

    Monday and Friday at 6:00 PM (GMT +8)


    Fastest – [6] (Devil Hunter (30 Days)) per server

    Consolation – [18] (Bounty Hunter (15 Days)) per server


Find the Queens

It’s fun to play! Let’s find the Queen and seek the prepared rewards. 

Event Mechanics
  • Queen will travel to an unknown location and channel while remaining invisible.
  • Queen will announce where she is when ready to find
  • The Queen will announce who will be the first who found her.
  • The first Cabalista Player that the queen sees on her screen will win

Livestream Schedule

Every Thursday 6:00PM (GMT+8)


Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing (30D) to winners


    • Get buffed every Saturday 6PM to 7PM
    • GM will announce on what channel they will be and in where they will do the GM Buff

Livestream Lucky Sharer Raffle

Watch, Comment, React, and Share the CM Weekly Livestream and get a chance to win in-game items

    • CM Livestream on FACEBOOK Page
  • Mechanics
    • Watch, Comment, React and Share to be eligible for the raffle event
    • At the end of the Livestream, all players who shared the stream publicly will have a chance to win the item of the day
  • REWARDS (no of the winners will depend on the Livestream viewers)
    • Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing [30D]