December 15, 2021

Have a Merry Xtreme Paskuhan on us, Cabalistas. Get ready for a day of Fun this December 18th at the PPXP 2021 For A Cause. There’s over php500,000 worth of giveaways at our party so see you there.

Plus, we’re making it more awesome with these events and rewards exclusively for you.


Join the PPXP 2021 Donation Drive and have a chance to win prizes from over Php500,000 worth of giveaways. Each donation of at least Php100 will give the donor (1) a Raffle Entry for the PPXP 2021 event raffle, and in-game Items.

For more Details about PPXP 2021 Donation Drive, Check it HERE.


  • Give donation at least Php100 in the PPXP 2021 Donation Drive GCash account. ALL donations to the account will be given to our chosen charity.
    • GCash Account Number: 0961 007 2218
    • GCash Account Name: PLAYPARK INC. (Maria Ronelda Ricaborda)
  • For donors outside of the Philippines may use PayPal
    • PayPal Account username: @dhangricaborda
    • PayPal Account Name: Ricaborda Maria Ronelda
      • Choose a Payment type: select “ Sending to a friend”
  • To Participate in the Raffle and Receive In-game item Price Note on these:
    • Send your donations to the PlayPark GCash account using GCASH ONLY for proper tracking.
    • A donation transaction may only be used by one game account to claim the item reward.
    • A game account may only receive one (1) item reward from their PlayPark game.
    • Take a screenshot or photo of your donation for reference.
  • Register in the PPXP Donation Drive form to submit your account information.


  • Attach the photo of your proof of transaction.
  • Review your registration for accuracy and completion as changes and incorrect information may not be entertained.
  • Important Information
    • UID
    • IGName
    • Server
    • Contact Number
    • Email Address


  • RAFFLE Prizes:
    • “Armor Option Scroll (Highest) – Sword Skill Amp” 1 winner only 
    • “Armor Option Scroll (Highest) – Magic Skill Amp” 1 winner only
    • 2 winners of Custom CABAL M Sneakers
    • 15 winners of Premium Package (Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing [30D] + Blessing Bead – Silver Wing [30D])
    • 1 Winner of POCO Gaming Phone
  • Thank you token (Door Prize)
    • Regardless of how much the donation all players who donated a minimum of 100 PHP ($2 USD) will get the following:
      • HP Potion Lv4 [999 pcs]
      • MP Potion Lv4 [999 pcs]
      • [Costume] Merry Christmas Hair – 30D
      • [Costume] Merry Christamas – 30D
      • [Vehicle Costume] Santa’s Christmas Sleigh – 30D

Cabal M Share the Love this Christmas Event


  • Post a fan sign selfie photo using the hashtag “ I love #CabalMHeroesofNevareth #XmasAtCabalM #CabalMPHVN ” along with the caption why you deserve to get the 5,000 PHP or 100 USD this Christmas. There will be 3 winners of 5,000 PHP or 100 USD and 15 Winners of Premium Platinum Wing.
  • Fill up the Cabal M Share the Love this Christmas Form Here.
  • Winners will be selected by the Cabal M team.


  • Premium Platinum Wing and Premium Silver Wing x 15 winners (5 each server)
  • 5,000 PHP or 100 USD x 3 winners (1 each server)

Cabal M Heroes of Nevareth Xmas Bring me event!


  • On this Event the CM’s will ask for an item or place and players must take a selfie photo with it, lastly will fill-up this form.
  • The First one to send an entry with a correct selfie photo will WIN.
  • 2 Winners will win for 5 items asked.


  • 10 Winners will have a chance to win the following:
    • Premium Package
    • Blessing bead (Premium) Platinum- 30D
    • Blessing bead (Premium) Silver – 30D
    • [Costume] Merry Christmas Hair – 30D
    • [Vehicle Costume] Santa’s Christmas Sleigh – 30D

PPXP Discord Premium Giveaway


  • Join the Discord Giveaway on the Official Discord server on December 18, 2021
  • 3 Raffles will be drawn on December 18, 2021 at 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 5:00 PM(GMT+8)
  • All you need to do is react to the post of the giveaway bot.
  • 5 Random winners per Draw


  • 15 winners
    • Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing [30D]
    • Blessing Bead – Silver Wing [30D]

That’s all for now, Cabalistas. See you on our PPXP Livestream this December 18, 2021 as more Reward & Gift will be given to you, Enjoy!


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