The search for the Queen of the Nevareth across the CabalM: Heroes of Nevareth Community has ended with the Livestream coronation night last February 14, 2022. After weeks of challenges, she has been chosen by the community. A stunner from Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines, and Phoenix server from GuildPrimePH as the first to reign overall. All hail the Queen.

CabalM: Queens Of Nevareth 2021: RAGEPrincess

As the beautiful candidates participated in the online challenges to test their abilities to become a Nevareth Queen, Each challenge earned the candidates a certain number of points, which were used to determine and coveted as part of the event criteria.

During the 2021 PPXP, held on December 18, 2021, the candidates revealed their Gorgeous Photos as their first challenge, and they continued the challenges four days later. To commemorate Christmas, each candidate sent a video greeting to the Cabal M community. And to have a touch of the game and represent well their guild that they belong to, as they welcome a new year and have a fresh start; the new year challenge was to have them do a runway walk inspired by an in-game character. The challenges concluded with a surprise challenge for the candidates.

The challenges became more difficult for the beautiful candidates as time passed, as they gave their time and effort to represent their guild and become the CabalM: Queens Of Nevareth 2021. Uncertainties occurred during the event time; at the start of the event, there were six candidates; as time passed, only three candidates remained, and only three candidates fought to become Queen.

As the months of challenges come to an end, the most-anticipated event for Cabal Mobile: Queens of Nevareth takes place, resulting in an unforgettable peak of fun. The final day of CabalM: Queens of Nevareth 2021 began with high spirits last February 14, 2022, living up to the phrase, “All Hail the Queens of Nevareth.”

The Queens of Nevareth Coronation Night Online Stream has started at exactly 6:00 PM on the CABAL M: Heroes of Nevareth Facebook Page. Click here to watch the  LIVEstream at the CABAL M: Heroes of Nevareth Facebook Page.The Night has been led by Cabal M’s veteran voices – Phaister and Witcream Media with the Special Guest Judges: Pareng JP, Sashiiimi TV, Iman Cristal, and Colin Chan.


CabalM: Queens Of Nevareth First Runner-Up: Seijura

Despite the current situation of Seijura, She showcases how desperate and dedicated to join in this pageant. Seijura is located in Cebu City, Philippines, which is severely affected last year by Typhoon Ulysses. As she answered the Question and Answer, She become more strong and more independent from what she encountered in her life.

CabalM: Queens Of Nevareth Second Runner-Up: Zkitcho

Zkitcho Inspired her In-game name from her real name Precious which she translated to the Japanese word Kitcho added Z to make it unique. By her precious name, she wanted to inspire and want to be a role model as a student player to other cabalists who is currently student also.


We know you enjoyed watching The CabalM: Queens of Nevareth 2021 Coronation Night. Thank you, Cabalistas for joining the Online activities! We hope you get  the In-game voucher codes given to you on Live. Congratulations SNS Events Winners.

 Lucky Queen of Nevareth Voters Winner of In-game Pack

billyNeill ErrolPrimeGL
KilluaGon Devil007
Zaitoblue07 HayabusaXD
spac3bar Helvetium
AdmJinwoo iSelfishMachine

Lucky Queen of Nevareth Voters Winner of E-Wallet Voucher

MrmagicSarap SSSSS
cDrew BeaTrix04
ZumiNoona ItsMeRhevZzz
IzumiChan MrEyyou
GrimReaper69 DezaNiana
MsGee 1LaDenT4
RyanIsMyName Jelina

Livestream Selfie Challenge Winners of In-game Pack

Yutoo xKusanagi
xDenDen Dummypo
JulliAnn Changga
xXxOdettexXx Seonbae
DemOnKiLL3r xCardoDaIisay

Livestream Selfie Challenge Winners of E-Wallet Voucher


 Lucky Queen of Nevareth Sharer Winner of In-game Pack

robinson pering Jar red
nice rivera Arjin Corpuz
mae montesuso Ruth franco
markbonn ruben xander bon
Jeruwel samane yuri lee
john barbosa joven salaug
Crie zhane kim bryan’t
jerome elano jon keneseu

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