Fresh recruits joined the battles of Nevareth in the Celestial Challenge. They shall be rewarded with a badge to honor their achievements. Your blood, sweat and tears brought you to the threshold of victory. Savor it.

Cabal Mobile Celestial Challenge Winners Patch 10.20.2022


Celestial Challenge

Launched in Patch 10.20.2022, the Challenge is open to gamers everywhere. Create your new account in Cabal M and play until level 181.

All who accomplish the task will be rewarded with a title to boast their accomplishment.

Reward: Stellar Rebirth Permanent Title [Critical Rate +4%, Add. Damage +20]

Congratulations to all who made it this far! The full list of winners are listed below; while the reward was inserted to winning accounts in Patch 11.03.2022.

List of Winners

Celestial Challenge Winners Cabal Mobile

Rewards have been sent automatically to the winning accounts. For any problem with the reward or with your game account, reach out to us on e-Support (click this link to get started).


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