Patch Notes 02.29.2024

Immerse yourselves in the ever-evolving world of CABAL M: Heroes of Nevareth. Take on the latest patch and join the adventure! Introducing exciting new features and content to enrich your gameplay experience. Let’s take a closer look at the key additions in this update.

Patch Notes 02.29.2024

As eager adventurers immerse themselves in the ever-evolving world of CABAL M: Heroes of Nevareth, the latest patch, Dawn of Power, introduces exciting new features and content to enrich the gameplay experience. Let’s take a closer look at the key additions in this update.

 A Brand-New Dungeon Awaits

Prepare to test your might and gain power in the all-new dungeon, Holia Keldrasil. The entry requirements for this challenging expedition demands a Force Wing Rare at Level 100 or higher. To gain access, Cabalists must obtain the Mysterious Branch, which can be acquired through NPC Peddler Unon or the Premium DG Shop for 5,000,000 Alz and 100x Force Essence. The rewards for conquering this formidable dungeon include the coveted Essence of Wing, a unique item that holds the key to a new level of strength.

*Entry item can be purchased via NPC Peddler Unon or Premium DG Shop for 5,000,000 Alz + 100x Force Essence


Areihorn of Lightning

Areihorn of Lightning

Phantom Dragon Phixia

Phantom Dragon Phixia

Watcher Vaour

Watcher Vaour

Spirit King of Wind Shirdrahn

Spirit King of Wind Shirdrahn


New Force Wing


Embrace the glory of the New Force Wing Update

Upgrade your Force Wings to “Unique” rank and gain unparalleled power and prestige. Soar to new heights, elevate your character’s abilities and stand out as a formidable force on the battlefield.

To upgrade the Force Wing to a Rare Grade at Level 100, the following items are required:

New Soulstone Enhancement

New Soulstone


 Welcome the new update with the new Enhancement!

Introducing Soulstones – potent artifacts to empower Cabalists. With Soulstones, Cabalists can enhance attributes, unlock new skills, and tailor their characters’ abilities to suit their individual playstyle.


Grade 1 to 6

Adventurers, take heed! The elusive Sealed Soulstones now emerge from the depths of Dungeon’s Legendary Boxes. These enigmatic gems harbor latent energies; their very existence is shrouded in mystery.



Grade 1 to 6

How to enhance Soulstone:

  • Access the Main Menu and navigate to [Soulstone].
  • Select the [Purification] tab.
  • Choose the desired Soulstone for Purification/Encroachment.


Purification Option:

  • When using a Sealed Soulstone, you will be given 2 Purification options and 1 Encroachment option at random.
  • Succeeding in the Purification process will increase the stats of the Soulstone.

Encroachment Option:

  • Succeeding in the Encroachment process will decrease the stats of the Soulstone.


  • All Soulstones require the same amount of Soulstone Powder for every level.
  • Soulstone Powder can be obtained from the Remote Shop or Bloody Ice‘s Grocer, using Upgrade Core/Upgrade Core Set as currency.
  • The required Alz and ingredient count depend on the Soulstone level and the number of attempts.


Extracting Soulstones:

  • Regardless of their enhancement state, Soulstones can be extracted.
  • Extracting a Soulstone will yield Soulstone Powder.


Purification/Encroachment Success Rate:

  • The initial success rate of a Soulstone depends on its level.
  • Each successful attempt will lower the success rate for the next attempt, while each failure will increase the success rate for the next attempt.
  • The success rate can randomly increase or decrease between 7% and 13%.
  • The maximum success rate for enhancement is 75%, while the minimum is 25%.

*Soulstone enhance level ranges from +0 to +20.

Soulstone Restore

  • Restores failed purification or successful encroachment attempt to the stage before
  • All Soulstone, when first obtained, have 3 Restore chances
  • All Soulstone levels use the same amount of Soulstone Reset Scroll (*item will only be given out as cash item)
  • Only Soulstone with purification failed attempt/encroachment success & Remaining Restore Chance n > 0 can be selected from the inventory


Equip Soulstone & Circle

*Condition: Only Soulstone that has completed 30 Purification/Encroachment level



Soulstone can be equipped in one place among a total of 4: Circle (Pentacle/Hexacle)

  • Per circle: level of Soulstone that can be equipped & number of Soulstone changes
  • Per circle: 1 Soulstone per level can be equipped.


Depending on Level, location of Soulstone equipped on Circle is fixed

  • Level increases and is equipped in clockwork direction

Soulstone Liberation


Buff skill, 1 exists per circle:

  • Pentacle Liberation
  • Hexacle Liberation

Buff depends on Circle’s Purification Level


Liberation Buff Usage & Cost

  • [Skill] Menu > [Special] Tab > Soulstone skill added
  • Liberation skill: basic mode is already learned
  • When 1 or more Liberation effects are enabled, skill is shown on [Special] Tab
  • The Liberation Buff consumes ‘Soulstone Powder’, whose duration is for 30 minutes


Liberation Buff option

  • Liberation buff: total 13 options
  • Out of 13 options, 7 are fixed and 6 are random
  • Options are enabled depending on the Circle’s Purification Level; liberation buff takes effect only for enabled options

Liberation buff auto usage

  • Liberation buff: can use auto usage toggle switch (ON/OFF)
  • Auto buff: used automatically under the following conditions:
    • Toggle switch – ON
    • Not using the buff player intends to set
    • Has all the ingredients needed for buff usage
    • Using buff during an attack or while being attacked (regardless of the character)


Disable buff

  • The buff effect is forcibly deactivated in the following scenarios:
    • Enabling or disabling a Soulstone from the corresponding circle while under buff effect
    • Changing the liberation buff’s random option while under buff effect

Option changes

  • Use Soulstone Powder to change liberation buff’s random option
  • Random option cannot be individually changed; all 6 options must be changed at the same time
  • Random option (Grade 1-4), higher statistics for higher levels
  • Option change: afterwards, the player may choose to keep current option or change option

New Auto UI

  More Auto Features unlocked for a Better Gaming Experience

Streamline your way to power with the addition of the latest AUTO features. From making your gameplay easier to managing your inventory, the new auto features got you.

Get your items auto extracted

Auto Features - EXTRACTION

The auto extraction feature can be accessed through the menu by navigating to Options and selecting Auto Feature, then Extract. With this feature, you have the flexibility to specify which items to include or exclude when looting based on the criteria you set using the checkbox options.

Auto Features - Quick Slot | Battle Mode

The new feature allows for the automatic use of skills or items stored in the Quick slot. This can be particularly useful for applying buffs or debuffs, as well as using buff items. To activate this function, users can simply swipe up on the Quick slot to register it for auto-use, and swipe down to deactivate the auto-use feature.

The Battle Mode Quick slot auto-use feature enables the automatic activation of the Battle Mode (Aura modeBattle Mode I~III) that is registered on the Quick slot. It’s important to note that only one slot can be registered for this function at a time.


Inventory Update

The existing inventory will be expanded from 256 to 512 slots, and the number of tabs will be doubled from 4 to 8. In addition to the tab expansion, the auto sort option will now include tabs 5 to 8. Access to Tab #5 will be granted through the use of the Superior Blessing Bead.

Multi-select Features

Improved multi-select functionality now includes a touch multi-select button that allows users to employ a pan gesture for multi-selecting items. This method has been extended to five categories: Store, Take, Sell, Delete, and Extract. Each category follows a consistent process of selecting the multi-select button, choosing items, and confirming the selection.

OVL Level 200 Unlocked

Tap Into Your True Power and Unlock your Real Strength

OVL or Transcendence increase and added new Mastery (Expert) Overlord Level Expansion & New Mastery

  • The Overlord Level has been expanded from 100 to 200, offering a greater level of advancement for players. Additionally, a new Mastery, known as “Expert,” has been introduced.

AP Saver changes

New Auto DunGeons

In the dynamic realm of gaming, where every heartbeat counts, the grind never relents. Brace yourselves, fellow adventurers, for a thrilling revelation—the Auto Dungeon Feature now boasts an all-new set of dungeons, ripe for exploration and conquest.

  • TOWER OF UNDEAD B3F (Part 2)


In this update, layers can expect a wide range of other changes and additions that will enhance their gaming experience. This update brings numerous quality-of-life improvements, balance updates, and bug fixes to address player feedback and improve overall gameplay.

Arena Dungeons Update

Changes have been made to the entry count for the Arena Dungeon.

Additionally, the drop rates of fragment items have been reduced in the following dungeons:

  1. Eternal Chaos ArenaFragment of Chaos drop rate decreased by 20%
  2. Glacies InfernaPiece of Divine Stone drop rate decreased by 30%

GM Blessing Changes

The GM’s Blessing statistics have been modified in the latest update, extending the duration of the effects to a substantial 3600 seconds. Additionally, a new item has been introduced, promising extended benefits that align with this prolonged duration.

Labyrinth Dungeon Changes


The Dawn of Power Patch introduces the Ultimate Expert Mastery Achievement, with the awe-inspiring title “To Transcend the Limits.” This achievement recognizes and rewards players who have reached the pinnacle of expertise, showcasing unparalleled mastery within the game. It represents a significant milestone for players, symbolizing their dedication, skill, and determination to conquer the greatest challenges within the game world.