Promo Mechanics:

  1. From November 16 to 17, 2022 ONLY, get your Forcegems from PlayMall or G2VN Channels. Then, spend it in-game.
  2. Be rewarded with in-game benefits matching the tier of your purchased Force Gems. See below the list.
  3. Only TOP UP and SPEND transactions using the participating channels will get reward/s.
  4. Rewards will automatically be given to your UID within 14 days after the promo period if you meet the minimum total amount from the list provided below.


  • 500 PHP | 250.000 VND
    • x1 Jewel Cube of Sapphire (Gold) [7 Days] (Account Bind)
    • x1 Jewel Cube of Ruby (Gold) [7 Days] (Account Bind)
    • x1 Proof of Nevareth of Fighter [7 Days] (Account Bind)
  • 1,000 PHP | 500.000 VND
    • x1 Blessing Bead – Plus [30D] (Account Bind)
    • x10 Extreme Core Pocket (Premium) (Account Bind)
    • x20 Potion of Veradrix (Account Bind)
    • Tier 500 Item Rewards
  • 5,000 PHP | 2.500.000 VND
    • x5 Chaos Safeguard – Epaulet (Account Bind)
    • x5 Chaos Safeguard – Ring (Account Bind)
    • x1 Divine Seal Stone (Tradable)
    • Tier 1,000 Item Rewards
  • 10,000 PHP | 5.000.000 VND
    • x1 Giftbox – [Costume] Dracul Armor (Tradable)
    • x1 Giftbox – [Costume] Dracul Armor Helmet (Tradable)
    • x1 Chaos Seal Stone – Epaulet (Tradable)
    • x1 Chaos Seal Stone – Ring (Tradable)
    • Tier 5,000 Item Rewards


  1. Total Forcegems purchase will be calculated per UID account NOT per PlayMall/G2VN Channels.
  2. This Promo is applicable to Philippines and Vietnam accounts only.
  3. Awarding of in-game item rewards will be inserted within 14 working days after the promo period.

Disclaimer: PlayPark reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, or terminate said mechanics at any given time deemed appropriate.


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