A warm seat on the Caster Couch is waiting for its occupant. The Cabal M Caster Couch is searching for the booming voices of talented Cabalistas. Time to make your debut.

What’s in it for me?

Cabal M Casters will be feature talents throughout the Nevareth League pioneer series and beyond. Hone your craft while you score loots from Cabal M and the love of thousands of Cabalistas. Discovered talents will also get a contract with PlayPark and Cabal M as an official talent, along with our support in your content.

Cabal M Caster Couch Search is on

What do I need to do?

To join up, send an application to the Nevareth Streamers program (apply here – https://bit.ly/CabalMStreamers2). Whether you are new or already in the program, prepare a demo video that fully showcases your talent whether that is in casting, hosting, analyzing or beyond, we welcome your submission. The search is open for talents representing the Philippines, Vietnam and the English service.

What’s next for me?

All applications will be screened by the Cabal M and PlayPark team. The Top 50 applicants will be released for a testing phase where you must rack in support from the community to push you into the live auditions.

The best 20 talents will be showing their skills during the livestreams of Cabal M Nevareth League qualifying tournaments namely, G.R.i.T and GMF. This is your time to shine and also the time to be tested by the team and by the Cabal M community.

Worry not, because before the grand finale, you will have the time to make yourself heard – and hopefully, be crowned as Cabal M’s official caster.

Is that all?

Remember to practice and get your game face on. Work alongside established voices in the gaming industry as the Caster Search is reserved for only the best.