Event Mechanics:

Top up and convert a minimum of 120 PHP via PlayMall on the day of the event when you visit the Cabal Booth and upgrade your gaming experience with these Door Prize rewards. Invite your fellow Cabalistas as more surPRIZES awaits you. 


  • PC Players must login their account in the Web Shop during the event to purchase the items via Web Shop.
  • Mobile Players will need to fill up the form and they will recieve their codes via in-game Mail the next day
  • Door Prize is strictly once per account.
  • This is applicable to the Gamefest attendees ONLY.
  • Door Prize is open for all servers.

Door Prize Rewards:

  • [Costume] Brazil Football Uniform (PERMANENT) – Account Bind
  • Yul’s Accessories (Character Bind):
    • Bracelet of Agent Yul +15 (15Days)
    • Earring of Agent Yul +15 (15Days)
    • Necklace of Agent Yul +15 (15Days)
  • Inexhaustible HP potion (Lv4) (15 Days) – Account Bind
  • Inexhaustible MP potion (Lv4) (15 Days) – Account Bind
  • Happy Birthday Ring (7 Days) – Account Bind
  • Yekaterina VIP Membership (7 Days) – Account Bind
  • Fury Potion (Lv 4) x 100



  1. Top Up and convert worth 120 PHP on the venue.
  2. The Credits that was used/purchase is not eligible to be used in other activities
  3. The GM will give the participants 5 minutes to cast their combo gauge and skills on training dummies on the said map and channel.
  4. The User with the highest combo within the given time period will win the King of Combo Event.
  5. Limited to 1st 10 participants only.


  • King of Combo Champion 
    • [Costume] Dark Party (Permanent) [Account Bind]
    • [Costume] Dark Party Hair (Permanent) [Account Bind]
    • Blessing Bead – Superior (30D) [Account Bind]
    • Blessing Bead – War EXP (200%) (30D) [Account Bind]
    • Happy Birthday Ring (7D) [Account Bind]
    • Force Gem x300 [Account Bind]
  • Consolation: 
    • Blessing Bead – Superior (3D)[Account Bind]
    • Happy Birthday Ring (3D)[Account Bind] 
    • Force Gem x100 [Account Bind]


Are you prepared to indulge in a contest of will? Join the Handaan ni Blade events which includes Ice Cream ni Jinghiro, Turon ni Azure, Tsupon ni Venus, and Beans ni Axis, and get a chance to win thrilling rewards.


  1. The registration period will commence at precisely 10:00 AM and conclude at precisely 2:00 PM.
  2. Participants will register for their preferred eating contest on the designated Google Sheet. [5] Registered players will randomly pick to play the event,
  3. Any registered player who fails to attend roll-call will be automatically disqualified.
  4. The winner will be determined by the player who finishes eating the fastest.


  • 1 Winner per event
    • x1 Merchandise
    • x1 [Costume] Liberty Lady & Gentleman Hair (60D)[Account Bind]
    • x1 [Costume] Liberty Lady & Gentleman (60D)[Account Bind]
    • x1 [Costume] Liberty Bike – Vehicle (60D)[Account Bind]
    • x2 Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing (30D)[Account Bind]
    • x1 Yekaterina VIP Membership (30D)[Account Bind]
    • Force Gem x1000 [Account Bind]
  • Consolation
    • x1 Blessing Bead – Superior (15D)[Account Bind]
    • x1 Inexhaustible HP Potion (Lv4) (15D)[Account Bind]
    • x1 Inexhaustible MP Potion (Lv4) (15D)[Account Bind]
    • Megaphone x50 [Account Bind]