Force your way to the top with only the best Allies for Guild Mission Festival!

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Heroes of Nevareth, rejoice!

A great battle is in motion that requires the strength of truly brave Heroes. Enter the Guild Mission Festival! Delight in the clashes to come and the rewards to be had starting September 9, 2021 until September 23, 2021.

Read on and prepare yourself.

Guild Mission Festival Eligibility
  • Any Hero of Nevareth may participate in the Festival
  • Heroes must be part of a Guild to accept the Missions.
    • Join a good Guild to participate or start your own Guild and invite your friends.
  • Choose your best Character to participate if you have more than one in your game account.
  • Accept the Missions. Complete them. Earn points.
  • Rewards will be received after the event period.
  • Festival duration: September 9 to September 23, 2021
  • Many prizes await contenders in the Festival from the three leader boards – Guild, Grade and Point.
  • Guild Ranking
    • Prove your superiority in your guild to top this ranking. Obtain the highest points from the missions among guild members to get the top rewards.
  • Grade Ranking
    • Rally the guild members to push past competitors. Rewards await guilds who break through the different Grade levels set through earning points.
  • Point Ranking
    • A Hero’s performance will not go unrewarded. Individual players who get the highest points in each server have a bounty fit for kings waiting for them.

A Word of Caution!

  • To participate, you must ‘select’ and ‘accept’ a mission available to you. Progress through the Festival by completing more missions and earn more points.
  • Heroes must complete at least one mission to be eligible to receive rewards.
The Guild Mission Festival Rewards

Cabal Mobile Guild Mission Rewards 00 Grade RankingCabal Mobile Guild Mission Rewards 00 Guild RankingCabal Mobile Guild Mission Rewards 00 Individual Ranking


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