These are the events to watch out for this June 2022 in the Nevareth World


  1. Have the players enjoy the different in-game features of Cabal M with the presence of the Community Manager in the game
  2. Connect with the players weekly in each server to generate future events for the community


  • GM Dungeon Run

Join and enjoy with Azure & the CBM GM Team in a Dungeon run during the Livestream

  • SCHEDULE (6 PM to 7 PM PHT)
  • Mechanics
    • During CM Livestream the GM, Moderators, and/or CM will announce on what server they will do the Tower of the Dead B3F dungeon run.
    • Participating players are required to be at the entrance of the dungeon before the start of the event.
    • Participants must be at level 155+ to be able to join this event
    • GMs will announce the “GO PARTY ME” signal for the party invitation
    • This is a first-come-first-served basis
    • Participants shall use their own Dungeon entry.
    • Level restrictions apply for the dungeon runs. Players who fail to meet the dungeon requirement will be disqualified from the particular dungeon run
    • In any issue of any player or GM disconnections, the dungeon run will still continue. There will NOT be any re-run of the dungeon.
    • A player may only play once per party.
    • Dungeon Drop
    • GM Buff lv 4 before & after the dungeon run
  • Discord Giveaway

Get a chance to win in our Discord Weekend Giveaway.

  • SCHEDULE (Discord BOT Random every Saturday/Sunday)
  • Mechanics
    • In our Official Discord Server, there’s a text channel #giveaways.
    • There will be a random giveaway raffle announcement generated by our DISCORD GIVEAWAY BOT for the number of players.
  • REWARDS (Via Voucher Code)
    • Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing (7D) or
    • Blessing Bead – Silver Wing (7D)
  • Livestream Lucky Sharer Raffle

Watch, Comment, React, and Share the CM Weekly Livestream and get a chance to win in-game items

    • CM Livestream on FACEBOOK Page
  • Mechanics
    • Watch, Comment, React and Share to be eligible for the raffle event
    • At the end of the Livestream, all players who shared the stream publicly will have a chance to win the item of the day
  • REWARDS (no of the winners will depend on the Livestream viewers)
    • Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing [30D]