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Lucky Ticket Event: Secure Your Chance to Win!

Ladies and gentlemen, the stage is set for an event that’s going to bring some extra luck to your Nevareth journey. Presenting the Cabal Mobile Lucky Ticket Event!

Here, we’ll dive into the mechanics, rewards, and all the details you need to know.

Event Mechanics:

  1. Limited Tickets: A total of 1000 tickets are up for grabs, and these are exclusive! Once they’re gone, they’re gone.
  2. Ticket Price: Each ticket is available for just 50 FG, making it an accessible option for every Cabal player.
  3. Maximum Tickets Per Account: You can purchase up to 10 tickets per account, increasing your chances of striking big.
  4. Guaranteed Rewards: The Best Part? Every ticket you purchase guarantees you a valuable item as a token of appreciation.

Rewards for Ticket Holders:

Now, let’s talk about the exciting part – the rewards! The more tickets sold, the better the prizes get. Here’s the scoop:

  • Grand Prize: When all 1000 tickets find their lucky owners, one fortunate Cabalist will walk away with a Gift Box containing the [Costume] Cherry Blossom Wing – Force Wing (Permanent) [Tradable]. This is a grand prize worth competing for!
  • Next in Line: Not too far behind, three winners will be chosen to claim the Cherry Blossom Weapon Costume of their choice (Permanent) [Account Bind]. For this, we’ll need at least 997 tickets sold, so rally your friends to increase your chances.
  • Striving for Excellence: The excitement continues with six winners receiving a Slot Extender (Highest) [Tradable]. This reward will be in play if we reach at least 991 tickets sold.
  • Change it Up: Ten lucky Cabalists can look forward to a Battle Style Change Kit (3D) [Account Bind] if we achieve a minimum ticket sale of 981.
  • Luck’s on Your Side: It’s not over yet! Thirty-one players will win x30 Box of Luck, offering various surprises to enhance your journey.
  • Last but not Least: Even those holding the remaining tickets will have a reason to smile. They will receive x25 Box of Luck to add a touch of magic to their Cabal experience.

# of Ticket Winners


600 x10 Box of Luck [Account Bind]
150 x15 Box of Luck [Account Bind]
130 x20 Box of Luck [Account Bind]
70 x25 Box of Luck [Account Bind]
30 x30 Box of Luck [Account Bind]
10 Battle Style Change Kit (3D) [Account Bind]
6 Slot Extender (Highest) [Tradable]
Cherry Blossom Weapon Costume of Choice (Permanent) [Account Bind]
Gift Box – [Costume] Cherry Blossom Wing – Force Wing (Permanent)[Tradable]

Discovering the Winners:

So, what happens when all the tickets are snatched up? We introduce a thrilling 5-minute countdown to build anticipation. Once this countdown concludes, the winners will be unveiled and celebrated in the Results section, so stay tuned and don’t miss the grand reveal!

Get ready to take your chances in the Cabal Mobile Lucky Ticket Event. Will you be one of the fortunate few to strike it big? Buy your tickets, enjoy the thrill, and may Lady Luck be on your side!