Your Epic E-Sports Journey Starts Here

Time to rise up, Cabalistas! Nevareth League calls upon its heroes to battle it out for a juicy pot of $40,000 USD and be the first Kings of Nevareth.

Cabal M opens its pioneering e-sports tournament series entitled Nevareth League this October 2021. The League is open to all Cabalistas across all three servers of Phoenix, Aquila and Garuda. For a veteran player, a new challenger or just starting out – this is your arena to win prestige, game loots, and a whopping $20,000 USD Tournament Champion Prize – that’s a Php1,000,000 cash prize.

The Nevareth League consists of three (3) tournaments with the goal of finding the best Cabalistas and the Final Four (4) guilds to compete for the grand prize. The match format is round-robin with 3 rounds with a different PvP format in every single elimination round. Guilds will be challenged to earn points from 3 unique round formats which involve a 1v1, 3man Tag Team and 5v5 PvP mechanics. Each tournament will test guild solidarity, team prowess, and a touch of luck to emerge victoriously and be the first Kings of the Nevareth League. 

Cabal M Nevareth League Tournament

Start the grind and choose your tournament.
  • Guild Rank Infinity (G.R.i.T.)
  • Nevareth Districts Wars (NDW)
  • Guild Mission Festival (GMF)

Guild Rank Infinity (G.R.i.T.) is the first phase of the Nevareth League set to open this October 1, 2021. With a staggering prize pool of $6,000 USD (P300,000 PHP) in cash and more, G.R.i.T. is open to all RANK 4 guilds in each server to join. Rally your guild and rise through the ranks by October 31, 2021, that’s just the beginning of your grueling fight. From the pool of Rank 4 guilds, 8 guilds will fight for the right to be a server representative. From 3 server representatives, one (1) Nevareth League Representative will emerge and claim the first seed to the Nevaret League Championship. 

This Guild Mission Festival will get hotter and much-contested as becomes the second tournament to determine the second seed for the League Championship. This special run of GMF will weed out the weak and leaving only the top guilds to send their representative to fight in the Nevareth League Championship and win a chunk of the $2,000 USD (P100,000 PHP) cash prize pool. Pile on the points from GMF challenges and try to come out on top. GMF full details will be released soon.

Nevareth Districts War is unique among the three tournament seeds as its qualifiers will involve the strength of your community but also the privilege of representing your country. Winning NDW is reserved for the best communities from the Philippines and Vietnam. Look forward to ND news coming soon.


Your epic journey begins here. Earn your place in history with the Cabal M Nevareth League.

Cabal M Nevareth League Tournament