Guild Rank infinity Tournament

What is G.R.i.T.?

G.R.i.T. stands for Guild Rank Infinity Tournament. This is the first tournament seed in Cabal M’s Nevareth League. Where all Nevareth guilds are challenged to sign-up for a chance to compete.

When will this start?

Qualifiers will begin on October 1, 2021 while registration begins on October 15, 2021.

What’s the format?

This tournament is composed of 3 Stages to determine the first seed for the Nevareth League Championship. It has the Qualifiers, Eliminations (a.k.a. Server Rep Match), and Finals. Guild match-ups on the other hand will be held in a round-robin format where competing guilds will win points via 3 types of PvP matches (1v1, 3man Tag Team, and 5v5).

Where will this tournament take place?

All matches for this Tournament Seed of the Nevareth League will be online.

What’s at stake?

A $6,000 USD (300,000 PHP) prize pool is up for grabs. Plus in-game items and merchandise will be added in the succeeding days.

How can a guild qualify?

Your guild needs to be Rank 4 or higher when the registration period ends on October 31, 2021. 

Our guild is qualified. How can we join?

If your guild can meet all the requirements on or before October 31, 2021. Sign up for the tournament at the registration link located HERE.

What happens next after the Qualification and Registration period?

At the end of the qualification/registration phase. A raffle draw with the top 50 qualified guilds will determine the 8 guilds that will participate in the Eliminations phase.

How will the Eliminations run?

The Eliminations phase is comprised of the round-robin tournament with 3 different match types (1v1, 3-man Tag Team, and 5v5) where the guilds earn points. The guild with the most number of points will progress forward until a server representative is determined. This phase is comprised of the 2 stages below.

Stage 1: 8 guilds will compete to determine the top 4 scoring guilds

Stage 2: 4 guilds will compete to determine the server representative.

What will happen at the FINALS?

Enter the Finals, here the three (3) server representatives from the eliminations phase will fight each other using the same match-up format as the Eliminations. The guild that will emerge victorious from this phase of the tournament will be the first Nevareth League Championship seed!