CABAL M is launching tomorrow, Aug 26, 2021, and the Charity Stream has some exciting events planned for everyone. One of these amazing events, which you can see here, is the Upgrade Challenge. What is it you ask?

Grab this chance to upgrade a SIGMETAL weapon for your character! ⚔🛡⚔ Here’s how
✅Who can join: Any Cabalista who has a decent internet connection and camera. Because we will be upgrading your weapon live at the Cabal M Charity Stream.
How to Join ✅
➡Step 1: Get a screenshot of your character for whom you want to win a SIGMETAL weapon
➡Step 2: Comment here with your screenshot and the information below
– Character Name
– Class
– Server

– Add these hashtags: #CABALmobile #UpgradeChallenge

Ex. Post
   Character Name: CM Auburn
   Class: Force Gunner
   Server: Garuda
➡Step 3: We’ll pick “ONE” random commenter on Monday (August 30, 2021) 10:00 AM and contact you via Facebook messenger to check your google hangouts connection. We will keep on picking a random commenter in this event until we locate a participant who can meet the Live Stream requirements.
How to win ✅
➡This starts with you being a guest in the Charity Stream.
➡You get to play stop and go while the GM upgrades the SIGMETAL weapon of your choice with 200 pieces of upgrade core.
➡You can choose for a blitz upgrade of 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 or just let the CM upgrade away until 200 cores are consumed.
➡You can ask the CM to stop anytime if you are happy with the upgrade 😉
➡The contestant with the highest upgrade using only 200 pieces of upgrade core wins the weapon for his character
📣Rules and Limitations📣
➡Deadline of entries: August 29, 2021 (12:00 MN)
➡Consolation Prize: The losing participants will get to take home a 1,000php shopping voucher.
➡You cannot choose a weapon that cannot be used by the character in your screenshot
➡There are three contestants for this event
     1 Lucky Cabal Hero Frontliner
     1 Lucky Streamer of Nevareth
     1 Lucky fan from this post
Let’s see who will be the luckiest Cabalista at the Cabal M Charity Stream: Upgrade Challenge! 👌🍀
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Disclaimer: Mechanics may change due to bugs or technical issues that may arise. In the event that this happens, updates will be announced as soon as possible


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