Take the supremacy to rule the land of Nevareth. Patch 07.14.2022 Updates the power of darkness to linger forward on the power of hell. Secure your items and reward through the prepared new event, or equip your character for a new set of in-game costumes. Read on to win, plus gain so much more!

New VIP Package

TheCrimsonVow has entered the Nevareth to rule the night of their dominance as the Nevareth District Wars Champion and 1st Runner up of The Nevareth League 2021. Get and be one of the Nevareth District Wars Champions Choice.

  • VIP Package is available until July 24, 2022 ONLY.
  • Win a limited Edition Jacket and 3900 FG if you avail the VIP Package
  • List of Items included:
Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing 30D x1Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing 30D x1
Blessing Bead – Silver Wing 30D x1Blessing Bead – Silver Wing 30D x1
Enchant Safeguard(Ultimate) x3Enchant Safeguard(Ultimate) x3
Giftbox – [Costume] Ruler of NightGiftbox – [Costume] Ruler of Night
Giftbox – [Costume] Ruler of Night – Helmet(Female Character Only)Giftbox – [Costume] Ruler of Night – Helmet(Male Character Only)
Box of Luck x3Box of Luck x3
Blessing Bead – Pet EXP(100%) 30DBlessing Bead – Pet EXP(100%) 30D
Blessing Bead – Force Wing EXP(200%) 30DBlessing Bead – Force Wing EXP(200%) 30D
Jewel Cube – Sapphire(Gold) 7DJewel Cube – Sapphire(Gold) 7D
HP Potion(Lv.4) x999HP Potion(Lv.4) x999
MP Potion(Lv.4) x999MP Potion(Lv.4) x999
GM’S Blessing(Lv.3) Holy Water x100GM’S Blessing(Lv.3) Holy Water x100
Superior Odd Circle x10Superior Odd Circle x10
Return Stone x999Return Stone x999

Nevereth District War VIP Package Raffle

Let’s spice up the package by joining and win a limited-edition jacket through a stream raffle and have a chance to win 3900 Force Gem

Raffle Mechanics:
  • Event Period: July 14 to 24, 2022 Only.
  • Raffle Draw Date: July 28, 2022
How to Win:
  • Purchase the VIP Package until July 24, 2022 Only
  • Once purchase you are automatically one of the participants
  • Watch the Raffle Draw Livestream on July 28,2022
  • 1 Winner of limited-edition CBM Jacket + 3900 FG
  • 2 Winners of 3900 FG

New Gacha Items 

  • Get your new Gacha Forcewing costume until July 28, 2022 at 11:59PM Only.
  • Be lucky to get a Permanent item when you purchase
  • Promo Gacha Weekend
    • If you win a jackpot from the Forcewing Costume Gacha, you will get a Blessing Bead – Plus.
    • Promo period is on July 16-17 Only.
    • Promo Reward:  Blessing Bead – plus (30D)
      • Reward will automatically inserted on your account.


  • Get your new Core Gacha until July 28, 2022 at 11:59PM Only.
  • Note: Items are Account Bind

New Weapon Costume Packages

  • Steampunk style for your arsenal is now available
  • Package is available until July 24, 2022 ONLY
  • Check on the Weapon Costume
  • Purchase for only 50 forcegem


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