November 4, 2021 Update: Forbidden Island (Awakened)

New Dungeon has opened, Call out other cabalists and let the party begin. Enjoy your run and defeat the Bosses for many drops waiting for you in the Dungeon. Read on to steady yourself for battle.

Attention Cabalistas!

For IOS Users Starting (November 4, 2021) Download additional resources to get the latest game version. Only to avoid any issues, update or install your App now in your Apple store. 

  • Latest Version:
    • 58 (1.0.58)

Cabal M 10.14.2021 Patch Update Version 01

  • Content
    • New Dungeon- Forbidden Island (Awakened)
    • Added Chaos Accessory Upgrade 
    • Extreme Upgrade
      • Get a thrill out, the fast Extreme Upgraded now. 
      • Extreme Upgrade Changed requirement to +12. 
    • Gacha Ticket Event for SIGMetal Armor
      • Starting this November 4, 2021 until November 18,2021

  • Level Up Event for Aquila Server and Garuda Server
    • Starting this November 4, 2021 until November 18,2021
    • CABALoween Leveling Rewards – Get Free armors and items as you level up to Level 127.
    • Note: One Character per account Only.
    • Check the Full Details Here.
  •  New in the Item Shop
    • Gacha Core ( Daily purchase limit: 10 per account Only)
      • Worth 10 Force Gem
    • Unusual Lost Island Compass 
      • Worth 10 Force Gem

  • New Gacha (Available until November 18, 2021 Only)
    • Chaos Accessory III 

    • Extreme Core Gacha

    • SIGMetal Armor Gacha for Gacha Ticket
      • Forgotten Temple B1F (Gloves)

    • Forbidden Island (Armor)

    • Forbidden Island Awakened (Helmet & Boots)

  •  Pandora’s Box
      • Added in the Normal Box: 
        • Archridium Epaulet

      • Chaos Converter (Amulet, Earring, Bracelet)
    • Added in the Special Box:  
        • Chaos Converter (Amulet, Earring, Bracelet) 
  •  Adjustments & Improvements
    • Removed the Halloween theme 
    • Extreme Upgrade can now be done on items above +12


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