November 25, 2021

Thank you for accepting our invite, Cabalista! Welcome to our 11.25.2021 Patch Update party!  Read on for the full details of our events. Enjoy and have a blast run cabalistas!

Caution on Game Version

For IOS Users starting (Nov. 25, 2021) Cabal Mobile access will be restricted to the latest version of the game app. To avoid any issues, update or reinstall your app now in your Apple Store.

You may see a notice such as this if your game app needs to be updated.

Cabal M 10.14.2021 Patch Update Version 01

  • New Content & Events

    • Dungeon Clear Raffle Event runs until December 2, 2021

      • Mechanics of the event 
        1. Complete a run in Steamer Crazy (Premium) Dungeon
        2. The prize will be determined by how many times a player completed the dungeon multiplied by 300,000 Alz
      • How to Win
        • Once the event period is over, our game developers, ESTgames, will be facilitating the checking of game logs and the raffle to choose the winners.

        • The more players clear the dungeon, the greater the final prize would be.
        •  The more a player clears the dungeon, the greater is their chance of winning.
        • Prizes and selection will be done for each server, so the total prize in each server may be different.
        • Note: Everyday at 3:00 PM, the following information will be sent out via in-game mail.
  • Additional Reward Dungeon Clear Raffle Event
        • Total clear count
        • Prize to the 1st place winner
        • Player with the highest clear count
        • Player with the fastest clear count
  • Additional rewards to the following characters
        • Player with the highest clear count: 100,000,000 Alz
        • Player with the fastest clear count: 100,000,000 Alz
  • Dungeon Clear Raffle Event (Example)
    • Event duration: 7 days
    • Total clear count: 10,000
    • Total participants: 1,300
    •  Final prize: 10,000 x 300,000 = 3,000,000,000 Alz

  • Chaos Upgrade Accessory Exchange Event until December 02, 2021.

    • Amulet of Pain
    • Earring of Guard
    • Vampiric Earring
    • Defensive Earring
    • Bracelet of Fighter
    • Bracelet of Sage
    • Note: Check the NPC Yul for explanation and more details 
    • Example: If you want to upgrade Vampiric Earring +7 with Chaos Upgrade +2 Here’s you need to exchange with NPC Yul a Vampiric Earring +7 with Chaos Upgrade +1 and 1 Chaos Core Set
    • Check the Table below for the Requirements

  • New Item in the Shop

  • Demon’s Bone Weapon Costume Package

  • Black Friday Sales until November 28, 2021 Only.

    • Check the  item shop tab named Black Friday for the items at 50% OFF.
    • Note Cabalistas! Buy responsibly. Make sure to check what you are buying. For items that have purchase limits, the limit will not be reset. The purchase limit displayed now is the purchase limit until the end of the sale period.
    • Here’s the List of the Item shop SALE:

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the Agent shop for chaos Seal Stone