December 09, 2021

Nonstop Holiday Surprise has started, your wish was heard. Enjoy the holiday gifts given to you this patch update. Check out the game updates ready for you.


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Latest Version:
72 (1.0.72)

Cabal M 10.14.2021 Patch Update Version 01

    • Content
      1. Mithril Crafting has been added
        • Mithril Armor/Weapon
        • Ring of Fighter +10
        • Ring of Sage +10
        • Ring of Champion +10
        • Ring of Luck +3
        • Critical Ring +3
    1. 2. New item added in Chloe’s Request
      • Unusual Lost Island Compass
      • Rare Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B2F
      • Awakened Tyrant’s Ring3. Pandora’s Box Double Up Event every weekend
  • New In the Item Shop
    • Battle3 Packages 

    • 30% discount on Novice gear packages 

    • Arionell Mercenary Package

  • Gacha Update
    • Extreme Core Gacha
      • Changed the amount of Drop rate in Extreme core Gacha
      • Changed amount and  drop rate of Repair Kit
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Forgotten Temple B2F party quest
    •  Fixed the camera setting when moving in other channel 


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