September 16, 2021 Update: Dungeons Patch

Run for your Life in the Dungeons Patch Update

The risk is high but the rewards are even better. Nevareth celebrates – with equal dread – the opening of five new dungeons for all to challenge. Beware those who enter, if unprepared, life and limb will be on the line just to make it through.

Read on to steady yourself for battle.

I. Content

1. Newly Added Dungeons

  • Mission Dungeon Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
  • DX Dungeons
    • Catacomb Frost
    • Panic Cave
    • Steamer Crazy
    • Lava Hellfire

2. Pandora’s Box Drop Rate UP

  • Open only this 9.18-9.19.
  • Drop rate for the following Items will be increased by 100%
    • Ring
    • Bracelet
    • Earring
    • Bike
    • SIGMetal
    • Epaulet
    • Charm
    • Belt
    • Option Scroll (Critical DMG)

3. Collect and Exchange Event – Collect the Golden Keys!

  • Open this 9.16-9.23
  • Collect Golden Keys dropped in all worlds and dungeons.

Cabal Mobile Dungeons Patch Collect and Exchange Event CNE

  • Exchange them with NPC Yul for various rewards. Check out the rewards below!

Cabal Mobile Dungeons Patch 9.16.2021 CNE Reward Table

II. New in the Item Shop (Open this 9.16-9.23)
  • Fresh from the Sea Package
  • Potion of Enhancement 

Cabal Mobile Dungeons Patch Item Mall Pack 01

III. New Gacha
  • New – Drosnin’s Earring (Open this 9.16-9.23)
  • Gacha Update
    • Rune Gacha – Added Critical DMG Rune
    • Chaos Accessory Gacha – Epic Grade Drop Rate UP

Cabal Mobile Dungeons Patch Item Mall Pack 02 Gacha Drosnin's Earring

IV. Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the dungeon clear time issue
  • Fixed the text rolling issue in the in-game mails

Cabal Mobile Dungeons Patch 9.16.2021 Patch Notes


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