October 28, 2021 Update: Halloween Treats

Let the Haunt Game begin, Cabalistas! Something wicked has come. Gather your troops for spooky play in the New World, New Dungeons, and in-game events set to open.

Steel your nerves for a chance at treats of scary costumes perfect for Halloween. Enjoy the Boo-tiful in-game rewards for events that will run until November 18, 2021. Read on to know all the patch details.


Download additional resources to get the latest game version. To avoid any issues in playing, update your game client or re-install the App now in from the official Google apps store and Apple store.

  • For Android Users ➡️ Approx. 10.0 MB
  • For IOS Users ➡️ Approx. 9.4 MB

I. Content
  • Max level increased to 189
  • New World – Arcane Trace

  • New Dungeons
    • Devil’s Tower
    • Holia Windhill
  • Guild Mission Festival has activated
  • Monster Spawn Event
    • Starting this October 28, 2021 until November 18,2021
    • Cabal Lantern Invasion – Defeat the monster spawned and enjoy the Boo-tiful In-game rewards. Keep playing and scary on check the Invaded Places.
    • See the Full Details Here.
  • Multiple Boost Events
    • Starting this October 28, 2021 until November 18,2021. Go and check NPC Yul for the event details.
    • CABALoween Madness – Start Grinding and enjoy the CABALoween Boost on all channels and servers!


  •  Gacha Ticket Event for SIGMetal Weapon starts on October 28, 2021 until November 18,2021. Exclusive for all Premium DX Dungeons.
    • Catacomb Frost (Premium)
    • Panic Cave (Premium)
    • Lava Hellfire (Premium)
    • Steamer Crazy (Premium)
II. New in the Item Shop
  • Halloween weapon costume package
  • Halloween Pumpkin Head (10,000 Alz)
  • Gacha Core (Daily Purchase Limit: 3 per account Only)
    • 2,000,000 Alz

III. New Gacha II
  • Archridium Gacha available until November 11, 2021 Only.
  • Sigmetal Weapon Gacha Event available until November 18, 2021 Only.
    • Sigmetal Gacha Ticket x3 Piece
    • Gacha Core x1 Available in the Item Shop

IV. Pandora’s Box
  • Increase of drop rates for Ring, Bracelet, and Earring in the Normal Box
  • Added Archridium Epaulet in the Special Box
V. Bug Fixes, Adjustments & Improvements
  • Bloody Ice Halloween Theme has been applied


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