Perseus 1v1 GM Tournament: Legendary Duelist

The Perseus 1v1 GM Tournament is here, and it’s time to prove your worth on the battleground! This exciting event offers a chance for each class to compete and showcase their skills in a thrilling contest of dueling prowess. Get ready to face off against fellow Cabalists in this intense competition!


Date: Until August 20, 2023

MATCHES will be every Fridays, 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Tournament Mechanics

  • To enter the tournament, players registered via the form that ended last August 20, 2023.
  • The tournament features a Best of 1 Single Elimination round for each class.
  • The champions from each class will advance to a single elimination tournament, competing using ONLY their OWN characters.
  • Your presence on the match day is mandatory. Failure to be present when your name is called in-game by the GM will result in disqualification.
  • Match schedules will be posted on our official Facebook page.

Class Sequence

  1. Blader
  2. Dark Mage
  3. Force Archer
  4. Force Blader
  5. Force Gunner
  6. Force Shielder
  7. Gladiator
  8. Warrior
  9. Wizard

Requirements and Rules

  • During the match, participants must use the following items: Light Armor Set (via Item Shop), Light Weapon Set (via Item Shop), Fresh from the Sea Weapon Costume (via Item Shop), and their OWN Accessories.
  • All buffs should be removed before the start of the duel.
  • All skills are allowed, except for Aura and any Battle Modes.
  • Pets and Titles must be removed before the match.
  • The GM will serve as the referee and provide instructions before each duel.
  • The event will be livestreamed every Friday at 3 PM.
  • No potions are allowed during the event.



  • Mom’s Friend Son Title (30D)
  • Fresh from the Sea Weapon Costume of Choice (Permanent)
  • 1500 Force Gem

Runner Up:

  • Mom’s Friend Son Title (15D)
  • Fresh from the Sea Weapon Costume of Choice (120D)
  • 500 Force Gem

Class Champion:

  • Mom’s Friend Son Title (7D)
  • Fresh from the Sea Weapon Costume of Choice (30D)

Consolation Rewards (all participants):

  • 10 Chaos Box – Upgrade II
  • 10 GM Blessing (Lv 4) Holy Water

In-Game Instructions

  • The GM will Shout your IGN at 3 PM be sure to be on the Port Lux (Whisper the GM for the CH location)
  • GM Que:
    • Remove buff & Start Duel
    • Ready
    • Fight!

Livestream Milestone Rewards

Unlock special rewards for everyone by achieving viewership milestones during the Facebook livestream:

  • 100 viewers: x5 GM Blessing (Lv 4) Holy Water + x5 Protection of Veradrix
  • 250 viewers: x1 Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing & Silver Wing (3D)
  • 500 viewers: x1 Blessing Bead – Plus (3D)
  • 750 viewers: x1 Blessing Bead – Superior (3D)
  • 1000+ viewers: 5 Chaos Box – Upgrade II + [Force Wing Costume] Mischievous Ghost Wing of Fatal (max CDi epic only) (7D)

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your skills, win fantastic rewards, and enjoy the excitement of the Perseus 1v1 GM Tournament! Mark your calendars and get ready for epic battles that will determine the true champions of Nevareth. Stay tuned for more updates on our official platforms.