Get 5% BONUS LOAD and 5% BONUS FORCE GEM when you TOP UP AND PURCHASE in PlayMall. Don’t know how to use PlayMall? Check on how HERE.

Participating Channels: GCASH, BPI, BDO, Metronbank, UCPB, Unionbank, RCBC, SM Supermalls, Robinsons Malls

Participating Denominations:
• 100 PHP
• 500.00 PHP
• 1,000.00 PHP
• 3,000.00 PHP
• 5,000.00 PHP


  • STEP 1. Go to Playmall and select any participating top up channels.
  • STEP 2. Get 5% Bonus Load when you top up in PlayMall.
  • STEP 3. Get 5% Bonus Forcegem when you purchase in PlayMall.


  1. Top up using any participating channels in Playmall.
  2. Select any amount from 100.00 PHP, 500.00 PHP, 1,000.00 PHP, 3,000.00 PHP, or 5,000.00 PHP.
  3. Get 5% BONUS LOAD (in PH Point) when you top up and 5% Bonus Forcegem for every purchase in Playmall.
  4. The Bonus Load will be automatically credited to your account once purchase transaction is successful.
  5. Purchased forcegem including the bonus will be sent to cash inventory in-game.
  6. Promo Period: December 1, 2021 – 12:00 am to December 15, 2021 – 11:59 pm [PH Time]
  7. Bonus Load and Bonus Forcegem are applicable to PlayMall account transactions set to PH currency only.
    – You may change your PlayMall currency by clicking the Settings icon beside the currency point of your account.
    – Please be mindful when changing your currency setup in PlayMall from other currency to PH currency, you have to wait for another 60 days before you can make any changes to your account again.

Load Conversion

How to Get Bonus Force Gems from PlayMall:

1. Log in to Playmall, make sure to have enough balance in you Playmall PH Point balance.
2. On the left side, select Cabal M.
3. Please input game ID, it can be found via ingame Option> Info.
4. Select a denomination (diamond)
5. A message will appear once conversion is successful. Please do note that the diamonds you have converted will be received via ingame Cash Inventory which is visible on all servers.
6. Take note that before you receive the Diamonds from the Cash Inventory, make sure that you are logged in to the correct server since this cannot be passed anymore to another server once received on your inventory.

Forcegem comparison (value in PlayMall):

Note: Bonus forcegem already included in the computation. See sample below:

  • 49.00 PH Point = 30 (regular forcegem) + 2 (bonus) = 32 forcegem
  • 2490.00 PH Point = 1,915 (regular forcegem) + 96 (bonus) = 2,011 forcegem
  • applies to all other PH Point denomination as well.

For any promo inquiries or concerns, reach out to us on PlayPark E-Support.