CabalM: Heroes of Nevareth first on-ground event at PlayPark All-Stars: The Reunion!

It’s time to see your co-Cabalistas! Nevareth Siege Tournament  is calling all the heroes to an epic battle for a bundle for exclusive in-game items and the honor of being called the first PPAS Tournament Warrior of Nevareth. 

The first Cabal M: Nevareth Siege Battle leg starts this July 10, 2022. The online Battle is open to all Cabalistas and you can register for any of the regional legs: Manila, Cebu, and Davao. Interested participants for the Manila leg can register during the PlayPark All Stars 2022: The Reunion event at the SM North EDSA Annex Cyberzone this July 9, 2022.Have a chance to win game loot and be reunited with your guilds.

The Nevareth Siege Battle Tournament is a 5v5 Nation War PK. A maximum of eight (8) teams will enter per location. The match consists of a Single Elimination Best of 3 format until the Leg Finals. The tournament leg will be canceled when there are less than four participating teams per leg. Read below for full details and mechanics on how to be the First PlayPark All-Stars Nevareth Siege Battle Champion.


Champion [1 per member]

  • 90D Mom’s Friend Son
  • x1 90D Masters Palladium +20 Weapon part of choice (Gacha Stats)
  • x1 90D Masters Palladium +20 Armor part of choice (Gacha Stats)
  • x1 90D [Costume] King Leo the Guardian of Sky – Vehicle of Fatal
  • x1 90D [Costume] – Porta Lord Wing – Force Wing of Fatal
  • x3 30D Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing
  • x3 30D Blessing Bead – Silver Wing

Runner Up [1 per member]

  • 60D Mom’s Friend Son
  • x1 60D Masters Palladium +15 Weapon part of choice (Gacha Stats)
  • x1 60D Masters Palladium +15 Armor part of choice (Gacha Stats)
  • x1 60D [Costume] King Leo the Guardian of Sky – Vehicle of Fatal
  • x1 60D [Costume] – Porta Lord Wing – Force Wing of Fatal
  • x2 30D Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing
  • x2 30D Blessing Bead – Silver Wing

Consolation [1 per member]

  • 30D Mom’s Friend Son
  • x1 30D [Vehicle Costume] – Mythical Lion (White) of Fatal
  • x1 30D [Costume] – Porta Lord Wing – Force Wing of Fatal
  • x1 30D Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing
  • x1 30D Blessing Bead – Silver Wing


Champion [1 per member]

  • 120D Mom’s Friend Son
  • x1 120D [Force Wing] Gold Champion Wing of Fatal
  • x1 120D [Costume] King Leo the Guardian of Sky – Vehicle of Fatal
  • x4 (30D) Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing
  • x4 (30D) Blessing Bead – Silver Wing
  • x1 Carnelian +15
  • x1 Chaos Talisman +15
  • x5 Enchant Safeguard Chaos

Runner Up [1 per member]

  • 60D Mom’s Friend Son
  • x1 60D [Force Wing] Gold Champion Wing of Fatal
  • x1 60D [Costume] King Leo the Guardian of Sky – Vehicle of Fatal
  • x2 (30D) Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing
  • x2 (30D) Blessing Bead – Silver Wing
  • x1 Carnelian +10
  • x1 Chaos Talisman +10
  • x3 Enchant Safeguard Chaos

Schedules & Location

  • Manila
    • July 9 – Onground Registration
    • July 10 – Match Day ONLINE (Rescheduled)
    • Sept 24 – 2 PM
  • Cebu
    • July 23 – Onground Registration
    • July 24 – Match Day ONLINE (No Tournament) [ONLY 1 team registrered]
  • Davao
    • August – Onground Registration (Rescheduled)
    • August- Match Day ONLINE (Rescheduled)


  • Registration fee of 100 PHP top & convert via PlayMall per members
  • Only the first eight team registrants (confirmed registration via topup & convert) will qualify for the PPAS location leg
  • They must be at least 18 y/o and above
  • A player may only register one (1) per team, he or she is not allowed to participate in multiple teams
  • All members should be present on the registration for picture taking.
  • They must own their own device during the match day, including their charging cables. PlayPark is not responsible for any technical issue of their own devices.
  • Registered team per location must be at least 4 teams, max of 8 teams. If the minumum teams is not achieve there will be no tournament

General Rules

  • Any tournament related appeals will be reviewed & deliberated by Tournament Committee 
    • Team Captain can appeal, call attention to an issue and report anything about the tournament to the tournament marshal assigned to their team. This marshal will then in turn coordinate with the rest of the tournament team on how the concern will be addressed.
    • All issues and concerns filed the day after the tournament will not be entertained
  • By participating in this tournament, you hereby agree and abide by the rules & regulations set by the PlayPark Tournament Committee.
  • Participating in the tournament also gives PlayPark, Cabal M, and its affiliates the right to record, use, and distribute photos, videos, and media material collected from participants of the tournament.
  • The tournament marshall will call all the fouls, warnings, and decisions during the tournament. All issues and concerns should be addressed during the match, any concerns raised the following day will not be entertained.
  • Stopping, Halting, Time-outs, and any other match interruption can only come from the tournament marshal. An ongoing match must resume unless a Tournament Marshal intervenes. 
  • Players are expected to behave in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner at all times.
  • Teams/members of the team exhibiting unruly conduct will be disqualified, handing the opposing team the match.
  • Employees, suppliers, and service providers of PlayPark and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity are disqualified from joining any stage, including the finals, of any CABAL M Nevareth League and any of its sub-tournaments. This also includes the use of characters they own and accounts they maintain.
  • Premium Item Rewards are set to Character or Account Binding to the declared account
  • PlayPark has the right to hold and not give all prizes to disqualified teams.
  • PlayPark reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, or terminate said mechanics at any given time deemed appropriate.
  • The decision of the Tournament Marshals and the Tournament Committee is FINAL.

Substitution Rules

  • A team may nominate up to two (2) substitute players which will be declared during the registration
  • These substitutes are not entitled to play for other team
  • They must be at least 18 years of age.

Technical and Disconnection

  • Any technical difficulties during the match, the captains shall arrive with a decision. If in any case, no mutual decision has been made, the tournament marshal has the FINAL SAY.
  • Only the team captain can amend any technical issues during the match and can be addressed the same day ONLY.
  • All game disconnection/interruption that will happen past the 1-minute mark will not be entertained by the tournament marshal.
  • If one (1) or two (2) members are disconnected before the 1-minute mark of an ongoing tournament and if there are no casualties in both teams, the affected match will restart. 
    • However, the match will continue and the disconnected members will be considered dead for that round.


  • Before the match procedure
    • Battle Class VETO BanPick (30 sec per pick)
      • Team captains will roll a dice(online) and the one with the highest number will ban first
      • Sequence is as follows
        • Ban A > Ban B > Pick A > Pick B > Ban A > Ban B > Pick A > Pick B > Ban A > Ban B
    • LineUp & Preparation
      • After the VETO Ban Pick, tournament marshall will provide the tournament accounts to each team for that day.
      • There will be a 5 min preparation time for each team to set-up their skills & lineup for the match
  • During the match procedure
    • Deliberately stopping, hanging or disconnecting during gameplay will result in immediate disqualification.
    • Usage of any external programs to gain an advantage will result in automatic disqualification and will be banned permanently.
    • In the event of unintended disconnection, please refer to the disconnection rules.
    • Any usage of any abusive language will result in a warning point given and may lead to disqualification
  • This tournament is a 5v5 Nation War PK within 5 mins match
  • Type of tournament (Best of 3 – the team who gets 2 wins)
    • Single Elimination Tournament – if more than 4 teams registered
    • Single Round Robin Tournament – if 4 teams are registered
    • No Tournament on location – if less than 4 teams registered
  • Tournament Map will be in the center arena of Arcane Trace Map
  • Tournament Accounts to be used is provided by CABAL M team
  • NO Battle Mode skills are allowed to used during this tournament
  • Once the player is killed or disconnected after the 1 min rule, they should raise their hand away from their device
  • 5 min cooldown break after each match.


  • Zoning Foul – This is defined as moving your character in an unauthorized area or refusing to follow move orders issued by the GM in-game.
    • 1st Offense: Warning
    • 2nd Offense: Round disqualification
  • Striking Foul – This covers striking your opponent before the tournament marshal says “FIGHT” or striking any of the Tournament Marshals in-game.
    • 1st Offense: Warning
    • 2nd Offense: Round Disqualification
  • Technical Foul – This is any violation of the requirements, match flow, line-up management, tournament accounts improper use, limitations, and general rules.
    • 1st Offense: Warning
    • 2nd Offense: Round Loss
  • Skill Foul – This is defined as using skills in the tournament area before the countdown by the head marshal.
  • Conduct Foul – This is defined as engaging in any behavior that is unsportsmanlike and includes excessive profanity or violence against property or individuals including the marshals. The penalty for this is Team Match Disqualification.
  • Item Foul – Usage of Frontier Stone and/or any HP related potion during the match will result in round disqualification
  • Resurrection Foul – resurrect on the spot during the match, players should wait for the signal before they resurrect or proceed back to the area
  • Disclaimer – Foul penalties may change depending on the severity

Contest rules/prizes are subject to change without prior notice, In the event of any revision, the team will specify the reason and the effective date of such amendment. By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics. The decision of the GMs and the CABALM: Heroes of Nevareth Team is considered final and irrevocable.