Cabalistas, tis’ the holiday season again, and the #CABALverse prepared something special just for you.
You may also join CM Azure along with other CM’s and GM’s of PlayPark, Live on December 17, 2022, 11:00 AM for the PPXP 2022, for other exciting events!

Duration: December 17, 2022, ONLY

  • Top-up and convert within the day.
  • The minimum top-up required is 6,000 PHP.
  • For every 200 PHP worth of Force Gem converted to Cabal Mobile via PlayMall and G2VN (Andromeda Server Only).
  • Players who joined the PPXP Spin-Off will receive an in-game mail with their Raffle schedule on December 21, 2022.
  • Failure to attend the scheduled Raffle with the CM will result in an online spin and a delay in awarding.
  • The Raffle will be done via Scheduled Livestream by batch starting from Highest to lowest.




  1. Total Forcegems purchase will be calculated per UID account NOT per PlayMall/G2VN Channels.
  2. This Promo is applicable to the Philippines and Vietnam accounts only.
  3. Awarding of in-game item rewards will be inserted within 14 working days after the promo period.


What to do if I did NOT receive my Load?

  1. Go to PlayMall and Click Top up.
  2. Click the channel you have selected –
  3. Go to ‘Problems for refilling click then hit the red “click” button.
  4. Find the transaction load you are looking for and click “Resend” button.
  5. Load will be credited to your PlayMall Wallet balance.

PlayMall High Five Promo for November 2022 Need Help

PlayMall Need Help resend your Transaction


Quick Facts About PlayMall

PlayMall is the all-in-one wallet system for PlayPark and all of its games. On PlayMall, top up your account whether you are using the PlayID, Facebook or Google Login option.

  • Top Up refers to adding load to your game account with credits which you can later use to shop in your PlayPark game of choice.
  • Caution! Be careful on choosing the login option – whether its PlayID, Facebook or Google. You may use the same e-mail address for the different login options but they will still be separate accounts

Should you encounter issues using PlayMall and in any of your transactions, the Customer Support team is ready to assist. Find the full guide to using PlayMall and FAQs just click HERE. To see where else you can buy PlayPark load, visit the website Top Up section HERE.


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*Disclaimer: Contest rules/prizes are subject to change without prior notice.
In the event of any revision, the team will specify the reason and the effective date of such amendment.
By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics.
The decision of the GMs and the Cabal Mobile Team is considered final and irrevocable.