The Queens of Nevareth are now ready to reign over CABAL M: Heroes of Nevareth

Sharing their time and effort with all Cabalistas, they have prepared exciting events that will be held on our official CABAL M: Heroes of Nevareth Facebook Page. Explore and have fun with the Queens with these community events:

Queen Buff

Receive the love you deserve from the Queens of Nevareth through Livestream and In-game. Join the Queens on Livestream for an Ask Me Anything segment to know more about them every Saturday.

Event Mechanics
  • Queen Rage will go to a random non-premium channel
  • Announce their location to the server where they are in
  • Cabalistas will go to the GM’s announced channel where the GM Buff will given
  • Cabalistas may leave the area and channel once they receive the heart icon (GM Buff icon).
  • Queens will use megaphones to call out to all players present. 

Livestream every Saturday


GM Buff lvl 3

Dungeon Run

Run with the Queens and GM team in a Dungeon run during their Livestream every Monday and Friday at 6:00 PM (GMT +8).

Event Mechanics
    • During the Queens Livestream, the Queen will reveal which server they will run the Tower of the Dead B3F dungeon on. 
    • Cabalistas must arrive at the dungeon’s entrance prior to the event’s start time.
    • Cabalistas must be level 155 or higher to participate in this event. 
    • For the party invitation, GMs will announce the “GO PARTY ME” signal. 
    • Participants must utilize their Dungeon admission on a first-come, first-served basis.  
    • Players that do not meet the dungeon requirement will be removed from the dungeon run. 
    • The team that finishes in the quickest time will receive an additional prize.
    • A player may only participate in one party at a time.


  • The dungeon run will continue despite any player or GM disconnections. 
  • There will be no reruns of the dungeon. 
  • CabalM: Heroes of Nevareth Game policy is in effect. 
Livestream Schedule

Monday and Friday at 6:00 PM (GMT +8)


Fastest [6] (Devil Hunter (30 Days)) per server

Consolation [18] (Bounty Hunter (15 Days)) per server

Find the Queens

It’s fun to play! Let’s find the Queen and seek the prepared rewards. 

Event Mechanics
  • Queen will travel to an unknown location and channel while remaining invisible.
  • Queen will announce where she is when ready to find
  • The Queen will announce who will be the first who found her. 
  • The first Cabalista Player that the queen sees on her screen will win

Livestream Schedule

Every Thursday 6:00PM (GMT+8)


4 Winners of Blessing Bead – Platinum Wing (30D) per server


Protect the Queen

Rally and protect you Queen! Join and play with the Queen for a chance to win in-game prizes.

Event Mechanics

  • During Livestream the Queen will announce the nation who will be in the Defender and who will be the Attacker (first come first serve)
  • Cabalistas who join should be at least level 115
  • Defenders will party with the Queen, Attackers will ally with the GM/Mod
  • At the command of the GM “Fight”, Attackers will try to kill the Queen within 8 mins. time, while Defenders will protect the queen until the time runs out.
  • The team who achieved the goal will be the winner of that round.
  • Total of 3 rounds per set of players.


Every Saturday 7:00 PM(GMT+8) PHX  & 8:00 PM(GMT+8) GRF



Protect [4] – Cabal Cops (30 Days)

Killer [5] – Cabal Assassin (30 Days)

Winner – Title: Lucky Bastard (30 Days)


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