All the naughty Cabalistas have driven this Santa mad with rage. Stop the madness of Bad Santa’s Rampage from ruining the Xtreme Holiday celebrations. Pick up his gifts when you defeat him.

Event Mechanics
  1. Spot the Bad Santa rampaging in selected maps across Nevareth
  2. Defeat the spawned Bad Santa (or Temple Guardian Warrior in Premium channels)
  3. Collect rewards from his dropped items

Cabal M 12.02.2021 patch Bad Santa

Bad Santa’s Rampage Drop List

12.02.2021 Patch Update

The holidays come early with all the content drops from the 12.02.2021 Patch Update. Enjoy this Xtreme Holiday Upgrade filled with an awakened dungeon, the returning key event, EXP boost and more. Check out the game updates ready for you from the Patch Notes.