The holidays come early with all the content drops from the 12.02.2021 Patch Update. Enjoy this Xtreme Holiday Upgrade filled with an awakened dungeon, the returning key event, EXP boost and more. Planning to stay naughty or to turn nice this holiday season? Check out the game updates ready for you.

I. Content

  • Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened) – New Dungeon
  • Chaos Upgrade Success Rate UP Event from 12.02.2021 to 12.09.2021
  • Pandora’s Box Double Up Event
Golden Key Event
  • Collect the golden keys dropped in various dungeons and maps
  • Exchange your collected key with NPC Yul and pick from the rewards available
  • Event period is from 12.02.2021 to 12.08.2021

Bad Santa’s Rampage
  • A monstrous Bad Santa is set to rampage in Nevareth.
  • Defeat him to claim the toys and gifts he’s carrying.
  • See drop list of rewards for Bad Santa RIGHT HERE.

Cabal M 12.02.2021 patch Bad Santa

Holiday EXP Boost
  • Get more from your adventures from this December Boost. Enjoy up to 300% increase in EXP.
  • Boost is available in all Channels and All Locations.
  • Event runs from 12.02.2021 up to 12.30.2021

Cabal M 12.02.2021 patch Holiday Boost

II. New in the Item Shop

  • 30% Discount on Arionell and Novice Packages
  • Rare Muster Card: Forgotten Temple B2F now available in Alz and in Forcegem
    • Daily purchase limit per account is 3 (increased to 10 only for the first week of launch)
    • Price: 3,000,000 Alz
    • Price: 10 Forcegem

Cabal M Patch Update 12.02.2021 New in the item Shop

III. New Gacha/Gatcha Update

    • Core Gacha Update
      • The amount of Chaos Core has now been DOUBLED
      • The drop rate of Chaos Core Set has been increased
  • Pandora’s Box
    • Newly added boxes
      • Defensive Earring
      • Cursed Tyrant’s Ring

Cabal M Patch Update 12.02.2021 Contents