Batch 1 of XXL Early Bird Bonus Rewards Update

We gave out so many XXL rewards our servers almost burst. Awarding of Batch 1 Bonus will now be done in phases with an improved mechanic to make sure the Early Bird Bonuses get to all the qualified Cabalistas. Read on below to know when you will receive yours.

Remember that Batch 1 Cabalistas include only those who were included in the 9.30.2021 Patch awarding and completed tagging their accounts from September 10-21, 2021 only. See the full list HERE.

Aquila and Garuda Servers

All Cabalistas who completed the pre-registration will get their rewards on 10.07.2021 at 3:00pm (PH Time). Items will be sent directly to the Event Inventory. Claim it from there.

Phoenix Server

With so many Early Bird Cabalistas in the Phoenix server, qualified players will be divided into three (3) groups. Their rewards will be sent accordingly:

  • Group 1 – For all Early Bird Cabalistas who played on 10.07.2021 before maintenance will receive their rewards at 3:00pm (PH Time) alongside Aquila and Garuda server players.
  • Group 2 – All Early Bird Cabalistas who played within five (5) days before maintenance day on 10.07.2021 will receive their rewards on 10.08.2021 at 3:00am (PH Time).
  • Group 3 – All Early Bird Cabalistas who played within six to ten (6-10) days before maintenance day on 10.07.2021 will receive their rewards on 10.09.2021 at 3:00am (PH Time).

XXL Bonus Rewards

The following items have been sent to qualified accounts according to the rewards Tier the player achieved.


For problems with the rewards and the account tagged, such as incorrectly tagged character in the same server or incorrect server, reach out to us on E-Support (click here).

If the wrong UID was used in tagging, the rewards cannot be transferred or resent, and the account cannot be re-tagged.


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