Batch 1 of XXL Early Bird Bonus Rewards Awarded

The overwhelming community support for Cabal M finally sends the love back. As part of the Cabal M pre-registration stage, eager Cabalistas who followed the registration process and stayed up to catch the top tier rewards, will receive amazing items from us. Rewards are grouped in different tiers namely, Phoenix, Thunderbird and Big Bird, with each its corresponding items and value.

Due to the volume of pre-registered Cabalistas, awarding the XXL Early Bird Bonus rewards is done by batches. The 9.30.2021 Patch Update includes the bonuses for Batch 1, namely the players who completed tagging their accounts from September 10-21, 2021 only.

Thank you again, Cabalistas, for your relentless support for Cabal M. Read on below to see the names and bonuses received by qualified Cabalistas.

  • If your character name is not listed below, look forward to the next Batches of awarding.
  • If you find your name below but did not receive your rewards or received incorrect rewards in-game, talk to us on E-Support (click here).

To see the BATCH 1 AWARDING LIST, click on either one of these links EXCEL or PDF.

Cabal M Pre-registration Rewards Batch 1

XXL Bonus Rewards

The following items have been sent to qualified accounts according to the rewards Tier the player achieved.


For problems with the rewards and the account tagged, such as incorrectly tagged character in the same server or incorrect server, reach out to us on E-Support (click here).

If the wrong UID was used in tagging, the rewards cannot be transferred or resent, and the account cannot be re-tagged.


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