September 30, 2021 Update: Porta Inferno

Turn up the heat in Nevareth as a new world of pain opens. Conquer the world of Porta Inferno where bountiful monsters and treasures await.

Don’t get left behind in the quest to reach the peak. Level 179 is uncapped, ready for the taking. Mission Dungeon, Chaos Arena and upgrades are in store for this patch. Read on to know all the patch details.

9.30.2021 Patch also includes the awarding of Cabal M XXL Early Bird Pre-registration Bonus for Batch 1. To read about it, click here.

I. Content
  • New World – Porta Inferno

  • Level cap increased to 179
    • 170~199 Mission War available
  • New Mission Dungeon – Maquinas Outpost
  • Now Open – Chaos Arena 5

  • Normal upgrade can now go up to +20
  • Pet Lv. can now go up to 20
  • Upgrade Core (Highest) and Option Scroll (Highest) have been added
  • Monster Spawn Event
    • New monsters will spawn in Bloody Ice and Forgotten Ruin (both Normal and Premium channels) every 1.5 to 3 hours.
      • For Normal Channels
        • Bloody Ice – [GM]Frankie
        • Forgotten Ruin – Kimzark of Will
      • For Premium Channels
        • Bloody Ice – [GM]Frankie
        • Forgotten Ruin – Minisha of Destruction
    • Defeat the monster for a chance to claim drops of Upgrade Core Sets, Chaos Core Sets, Astral Bikecard, Slot Extenders and many more.
II. New in the Item Mall
    • Guardian of Light weapon costume package

    • Superior Core (Highest), Enhanced Core (Highest), Superior Core (High)
      • Item Shop > Consumable > Upgrade Core

    • Removed the purchase limit on Premium DX Training Book
III. New Gacha
    • Mithril Weapon/Armor (available from 9.30-10.14)

    • Gacha Update
      • Rune – Added DMG Reduction
      • Core II – Added Upgrade Core (Highest) Core Enhancer (Highest), Core Superior (Highest)
    • Pandora’s Box
      • Added Option Scroll (Highest)
      • Added Slot Extender, Perfect Core, Mithril Epaulet, Drei Frame Epaulet
      • Added Training Books for new dungeons
      • Added Bracelet/Earring +6 and +7
IV. Bug Fixes
    1. Fixed the chatnode issue
    2. Fixed the Guild Mission slot resetting issue during Guild Mission Festival

Cabal M 9.30.2021 Patch Notes


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