Match every hit to the beat of the Nevareth League 2021 official soundtrack – Kings of Nevareth. Cabal M: Heroes of Nevareth welcomes the start of the ingame battles for Guild Rank infinity Tournament with its own official beat.

Kings of Nevareth is the anthem of all who grind and give their all to overcome obstacles. Cabal M dedicates this song, its melody and its words to all who will take on the biggest hurdle for all Cabalistas – the Nevareth League 2021. As challengers work their way to the US$20,000 champion prize and clutch the thousands of dollars and prizes given away in the tournament circuits, remember the words in this song for you are all Kings in the making.

Kings of Nevareth Cabal M Soundtrack

Battles for Nevareth League 2021 begin this November with the start of G.R.i.T Elimination Stage. If you missed your chance, there’s no rest for you. G.R.i.T will be followed by the next tournaments under the League – Guild Mission Festival and Nevareth District Wars. Stay tuned right here to find out how you can jump into the action.

Kings of Nevareth Music Video Challenge

The killer beat of the Nevareth League OST must be met with killer beatings ingame. Flex your moves that make you worthy of the title – King of Nevareth – in this Music Video Challenge.

How to Win
  1. Be inspired by the Kings of Nevareth song and make your own music video for the whole song.
  2. Your music video must include at least a total of 30 seconds of footage from inside the game of Cabal M: Heroes of Nevareth.
  3. Nevareth League 2021 official logos must also be included in the video. The materials can be found HERE.
  4. Post your videos on your social media (example: Facebook, Youtube) or a file sharing dropbox and send the link to our registration form.
    1. Click HERE to register for the event.
  5. Prizes:
    1. Best entries will receive a cash prize of Php5,000 each and special prizes.
    2. Runner Ups will receive Php2,000 shopping vouchers.
    3. Best clips may be featured in the official music video to be presented at the Nevareth League 2021 finals.
General Guidelines
  1. By joining this event, the participant certifies that the video is his/her own property and creation.
  2. Submitting an entry gives PlayPark, Cabal M and its affiliates ownership of the video and the authority to use and to distribute the video at its discretion.
  3. Entries will be sent to the registration form provided on the Cabal M official website or page.
  4. Event mechanics may be changed without prior notice. Judge’s decision is final.
Your epic journey begins here.

Earn your place in history with the Cabal M Nevareth League. The League is open to all Cabalistas across all three servers of Phoenix, Aquila and Garuda. For a veteran player, a new challenger or just starting out – this is your arena to win prestige, game loots, and a whopping US$20,000 Tournament Champion Prize – that’s a Php1,000,000 cash prize. Read more about the League HERE.