All battles lead to the Nevareth League 2021 Grand Finals on April 30, 2022. Rising from the ashes of defeated guilds from all-over the Philippines and Vietnam, two guilds remain standing to fight for the US$20,000 champion prize. In a showdown fitting the over Php2,000,000 tournament, the Final 2 guilds – AvilaEsports and TheCrimsonVow – will face off live in Manila, Philippines streamed live of the Cabal M: Heroes of Nevareth page. Choose your side and get ready for the climax.

Cabal M Nevareth League Live Grand Finals

The crowning moment and ultimate battle of the Grand Finals will be witnessed LIVE by the thousands of Cabalistas across the world. Each combo comes to your homes in a special program – to celebrate the end of Nevareth League and the beginning of one guild’s reign.

Watch and Win

Best of all, viewers joining live will be treated to a host of trials and treats with its own epic rewards. Take home the gold by staying home and joining these events.

  • Mythical 8 – Cast your vote and fill up the 8 best players of the Nevareth League 2021.
  • Livestream Selfie Challenge – Immortalize your winning moment with a selfie that could get you a brand new Gaming Phone. Click here to read the mechanics.
  • Guess the Winner – Place the ultimate bet and you could be Php10,000 ($190) richer. Here’s how.
  • Fansign Event – An extra special shoutout, a thrilling reward and a chance to make your voice heard are all up for grabs with a royal guest to amplify your wishes.

Be There at the Finals

In the Final 4 showdown between the winners of each qualifying tournament, the 3rd and 4th place were determined. To end the tournament season with a bang, these two will go all out to grab the champion’s pot.


Consistent in delivering strong plays since the Eliminations until winning it all in Guild Rank infinity Tournament (G.R.i.T), this Guild was the first to be in the running for the championship. They’ve had months to prepare. Their expertise and hardwork show through their every fight. Will they rush to victory or stumble in their quest?


From stumbling in the first qualifiers to rising uncontested to represent the Philippines in the Nevareth District Wars (NDW PH), this truly battle-tested Guild is hungry for a taste of victory and the US$20,000 that come along with it. This Grand Finals will be their third clash against AvilaEsports. Is the third time the charm or will they falter still?

Their every move will be aired live by the expert voices of Cabal M Match Casting Team favorites – Infinity and Witcream. Joining the casting team is Cabal M’s own favorite, CM Auburn. Tune in to them live this April 30th on the Cabal M: Heroes of Nevareth page.

History will be made.
The True Kings of Nevareth will be revealed this April 30, 2022 in Manila, Philippines. It’s time to make a stand. Who is your bet to become the true Kings of Nevareth? Witness the climax live.
Their epic journey is just beginning.

Earn your place in history with the Cabal M Nevareth League. The League is open to all Cabalistas across all three servers of Phoenix, Aquila and Garuda. For a veteran player, a new challenger or just starting out – this is your arena to win prestige, game loots, and a whopping US$20,000 Tournament Champion Prize – that’s a Php1,000,000 cash prize. Read more about the League HERE.