Celebrate the journey of Nevareth League 2021 by honoring the best Cabalistas of the season with the Mythical 8 awards. Cast a vote to the fighters deserving praise for the performance, the guts and the spirit they displayed from the many battles in these past months.

Cabal M Nevareth League 2021 Live Grand Finals Mythical 8

About the Mythical 8

The Mythical 8 awards recognizes the best player with champion level skill in each character class. From among the nominees, the Cabal M community will make a choice on who will rise to the top and claim a place in the dream team of Cabal M gaming.

Make your voice heard by filling up the voting form. As many as 40 lucky voters will be picked at random to receive digital vouchers worth Php200. The voting period is open until April 27, 2022 at 11:00am (GMT+8) only.

The winners will be revealed in an awarding ceremony at the Nevareth League 2021 Live Grand Finals set on April 30, 2022 in Manila, Philippines. Also at the Grand Finals, the Cabal M tournament committee will be awarding the title of Finals MVP and Best Team Captain to the most outstanding players from the Final 2 performance. Each winner will be receiving special rewards from Cabal M along with consolation prizes for the runners up.

Here are the Mythical 8 nominees

  • Kang of Viet Nam Legend
  • HotdogUlamKo of No Name
  • MierPortin of AvilaEsports
  • MrPrimo of TheCrimsonVow
Force Archer
  • Aphrodjte of Viet Nam Legend
  • HappyMe of No Name
  • Man22Hog of TheCrimsonVow
  • YPAngelwing of AvilaEsports
Force Blader
  • iFury of No Name
  • MinzyTran of Viet Nam Legend
  • NotSoFluffy of AvilaEsports
  • SeRyomA06 of TheCrimsonVow
Force Gunner
  • CoDeLoCkEr92 of TheCrimsonVow
  • DurexBCS of Viet Nam Legend
  • StormRaijin of No Name
  • zLadyAnnOfficial of AvilaEsports
Force Shielder
  • DoinkyKong of AvilaEsports
  • Prometheus of Viet Nam Legend
  • Lh3N of No Name
  • Marlou of TheCrimsonVow
  • DylanEnsui of AvilaEsports
  • Ginanggg of TheCrimsonVow
  • MadDCxBL of No Name
  • LittleSunny of Viet Nam Legend
  • hopiakulit of TheCrimsonVow
  • jrAvila of AvilaEsports
  • IBlindI of No Name
  • Glofindel of Viet Nam Legend
  • 19pitbull of TheCrimsonVow
  • Aeisha of AvilaEsports
  • LunaAstraea of No Name
  • MariaWhisperwind of Viet Nam Legend

Join the Cabal M community in recognizing true gamer talent. Form your Mythical 8 today. All rewards will be sent to the winning players within 14 working days after the announcement of winners.

History will be made.
The True Kings of Nevareth will be revealed this April 30, 2022 in Manila, Philippines. It’s time to make a stand. Who is your bet to become the true Kings of Nevareth? Witness the climax live.
Their epic journey is just beginning.

Earn your place in history with the Cabal M Nevareth League. The League is open to all Cabalistas across all three servers of Phoenix, Aquila and Garuda. For a veteran player, a new challenger or just starting out – this is your arena to win prestige, game loots, and a whopping US$20,000 Tournament Champion Prize – that’s a Php1,000,000 cash prize. Read more about the League HERE.