October 7, 2021 Update: Hazardous Valley

It’s time to unlock the Valley’s lost truths. Hazardous Valley opens after many years of journey in 10.07.2021 Patch. Dangerous Valley’s area has been found! Overwhelming wilderness of Nevareth with an amazing source of river which runs through the wilderness.
All DX dungeons must be conquered alone. Easy, Normal, & Extreme are the three stages of challenge attainable. The questline remained constant as the difficulty level increased; the only change was the monsters’ power.

Bonus! To show our gratitude to you for the downtime experienced, Cabalistas will receive compensation items. Watch out for the release date.

Update on the XXL Early Bird Pre-registration Bonus for Batch 1 Cabalistas can be found HERE. Click and read to know when to expect the rewards.

I. Content
  1. New Dungeon – Hazardous Valley
  2. New Guild Dungeon – Flame Dimension
  3. EXP Bonus Boost Event
    • From 10.07.2021 to 10.14.2021, grind all you want.
    • Enjoy a 100% bonus on EXP, Skill EXP, Box Drop Rate, WEXP, AXP, and Pet EXP
  4. Pandora’s Box Double Up Event (October 7, 2021 – October 14, 2021)
  5. Login Event
    • Get daily rewards by simply logging in starting this 10.07.2021 until 11.11.2021

Cabal M 10.07 Patch Daily Login Event

II. New in the Item Mall
  • Chaos Safeguard (Purchase Limit & Available for a Limited time Only) 
    • Carnelian
    • Talisman
    •  Chaos Belt
    • Arcana of Chaos
    • Arcana of Laws
    • Arcana of Guardian

Cabal M 10.07 Patch Item Mall Chaos Talisman

III. New Gacha
  • Costume Gacha – New Wild Western, Dancing Temptation Costume
  • Hat Costume Gacha
    • Bamboo Hat
    • Monocle
    • Gatekeeper of Hell Hat
    • Clown Hat

Cabal M 10.07 patch update New costume gacha

  • Bike & Wing Costume Gacha
    • New Evil Succubus wing
    • King leo the Guardian of sky

Cabal M 10.07 Patch New Bike King Leo

  • Pet Gacha
    • Meow Ninja
    • Robo Robo
    • Wolly
    • New Nevareth Husky
    • Change Pet Kit has been added for all the pets above

Cabal M 10.07 Patch Update New Pet

  • Gacha Updates
    • Armor Gacha – increased the Drop Rate of Epic items
    • Rune Gacha – added the Rune Slot Extender
  • Pandora’s Box Double Up Event
    • Get free special boxes by opening 20 normal boxes or more from 10.07 to 10.14!
    • The free boxes get more awesome daily.
    • But, you must open the reward box from the previous day before you can move on to the next reward.
    • Top prizes in the rewards include Ring of Luck +3, Critical Ring +3 and many more.
  1. Oct. 7, 2021 until Oct. 8, 2021(2:59 PM) Accessory Double Up
  2. Oct. 8, 2021(3:00PM) until Oct. 9, 2021(2:59 PM) Chaos Belt Double Up
  3. Oct. 9, 2021(3:00PM) until Oct. 10, 2021(2:59PM) Option Scroll Double Up
  4. Oct. 10, 2021(3:00PM) until Oct. 11, 2021(2:59 PM) Special Box Double Up
  5. Oct. 11, 2021(3:00PM) until Oct. 12, 2021(2:59 PM) Accessory Double Up
  6. Oct. 12, 2021(3:00PM) until Oct. 13, 2021(2:59 PM)Chaos Belt Double Up
  7. Oct. 13, 2021(3:00PM) until Oct. 14, 2021(2:59 PM) Option Scroll Double Up

Cabal M 10.07 Patch Pandoras Box Event 02

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