Rise up together in the Nevareth District Wars (NDW). The final qualifying tournament in Nevareth League 2021 is set for the ingame battles this February 28th until March 11th. From the grueling daily matches, the Philippines and Vietnam will elevate a champion to complete the final four guilds competing for $20,000 champion prize.

NDW will see excited guilds from the official Nevareth Districts go head-to-head ingame with the aim to grab the $2,000 prize pool of NDW and a champion slot in NL 2021. The battles will follow the format of previous tournaments – G.R.i.T and GMF. Each faceoff will have three (3) stages where participants compete in 1v1, 3-man tag team and 5v5 format. Victory in each stage will earn the guild points with extra points awarded for sweeping the competitor. At the end of the tournament, the guilds with the most points will be victorious.

NDW Match Schedule

Mark your calendars for the daily matches. NDW Philippines has 8 teams competing in a round robin format from February 28 to March 11. NDW Vietnam has 2 teams competing on March 5th.

Matches on weekdays will be live at 7:00 PM (GMT+8) – that is 6:00 PM for Vietnam. On the other hand, the Saturday match on March 5th will be live at 3:00 PM (GMT+8) which is 2:00 PM for Vietnam.

To make everyday more thrilling, the veteran voices of the Cabal M match casting team will be at the helm for Nevareth District Wars. Catch them during these days.

At the end of the daily matches stage, the top guilds with the most points from Philippines and from Vietnam will be representing their country in the coming Nevareth League 2021 Finals. Root for your favorite guild and hope they make it to top.


Guild Name Total Points 1v1 Round 3-Man Tag Team 5v5 Round Point Deduction
TheCrimsonVows 90 17 25 48
HarD2KiLL 62 12 18 32
Expendables 43 7 18 18
TheOnichichi 48 10 12 27 -1
Sinovac 29 2 8 19
HarD2KiLL Ext 26 11 9 7 -1
CIVILlANS 27 5 11 13 -2
WarGodz 14 2 6 7 -1
Your epic journey begins here.

Earn your place in history with the Cabal M Nevareth League. The League is open to all Cabalistas across all three servers of Phoenix, Aquila and Garuda. For a veteran player, a new challenger or just starting out – this is your arena to win prestige, game loots, and a whopping US$20,000 Tournament Champion Prize – that’s a Php1,000,000 cash prize. Read more about the League HERE.